Friday, 23 November 2012

Winner, WINNER! Turkey Dinner!

Sooooo, I feel the need to confess something today.  It's one of those things that I've been carrying around with me for a while now and I'm really feeling like I need to get it off of my chest.

Ok.  Here goes.

I'm jealous of American Thanksgiving.

Whew!  So. Much. Better.

I'm not sure if it's the parade, the getting to eat turkey and all the fixings in November, the shopping rush that happens immediately following the turkey coma or the fact that the majority of people in the States seem to make it a priority to be with their families for the entirety of the holiday weekend.  Maybe, it's a little bit of everything though.

The first year I was home on mat leave was when my love affair with American Thanksgiving began.  It was the first year that I really got to watch the parade and the dog show and the Christmas specials that usually followed the football game.  I made a turkey and a scaled down version of what we would normally do for our own Thanksgiving.  It was awesome, but it was lacking.  It was lacking the laughter and the togetherness that the holidays are supposed to be about.

Ask me if that first, not absolutely perfect experience made me stop double celebrating Thanksgiving?  Nooooooope.  It sure hasn't!  I've decided that I'm lucky enough to have the option of double celebrating (not double fisting - could you imagine double fisting Thanksgiving dinner?  YIKES!), and one of these years, maybe I'll even be lucky enough to get to celebrate American Thanksgiving IN the USA!  Until then, I'm gonna keep watching the parade and making my turkey for dinner on that blessed Thursday night when everyone else in Canada is having meatloaf!

Now, can we talk about a slightly related topic for one moment?  I need to talk about how yesterday, while I sat in my living room watching the parade with my coffee and no one else (yup, coffee is that important in my world!) what got me, right in the heart.  The commercials!  They were killing me!  I watched one Jeep commercial about families who keep coming back to the same place to keep their holiday traditions alive year after year, generation after generation and it made me tear up!  A FREAKING CAR COMMERCIAL MADE ME CRY!!  I think I might need some meds.  Or something.  It's only just the beginning of the pull at your heartstrings commercial season and if the Jeep commercial had me blowing my nose and wiping my eyes, than what's gonna happen when the dreaded Hallmark commercials start?  Oh. My. God!!  The Hallmark commercials - AND THE HALLMARK SPECIAL!!!  I'm done!

AND NOW (geeeesh, there's a whole lotta yelling going on in here today.  I think I might REALLY need those meds!) to end on a note that actually explains my posting title (I know, I know, you've been reading this entire thing muttering, 'I just don't get it! Who won what?')

A lot of you read my blog because you've heard about it through the most amazingly fantastic, cyber group MLFC (holla hookstars!)  If you're active in the group bare with me for two seconds while I give backstory here.  One of the AMAZING chicks in there (Bridgette looks gorgeous in purple btw!) decided to organize a virtual Turkey Trot 5K so that everyone could feel like they were a part of the Thanksgiving festivities!  I was already planning on doing 5K yesterday anyway because 2 of my awesome ladies in my challenge group were running in their own communities, so I was all over this opportunity!

Yesterday was a beautiful day here!  The fog burned off slowly though which meant that the sidewalks were a bit slippery - it just added to the excitement of the run!  I got out there and I was feeling a bit tired.  Not sure why.  Could have been that I was running earlier than I normally do in the day.  Could have been that I was listening to a new playlist.  Could have been lots of things!  I didn't listen to the voice in my head though.  I told that bi-otch to shut it and just kept going!  I'm glad I did too, because here's what I ended up with!

I know, it's not sub 30 minutes yet, but THAT was a PR outside for me and I will take it!!  I'm still working on getting my speed up but it's coming!  Baby steps, right?

So, if you're out shopping today, please don't get trampled!  If you're laying low, eating leftovers and hanging with the family, enjoy every second of it - Thanksgiving comes but once a year (or twice if you're me and you're got Thanksgiving envy issues!)

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

I cannot believe I forgot weigh-in Wednesday this week!  What the heck is wrong with this crazy girl?  Let's blame it on the holiday envy that was happening in my head!  Down another 1.6 to 157!!  That means 3 things!
1) I'm 7 lbs away from my goal!!
2) I'm 3 lbs away from having lost 40 freaking lbs!
3) I'm officially back in the normal range for my height!  Wooooooooooooooot!
4) Ya, I know, I know...The last time I weighed this much, I didn't have any kids AND I was in my 20's.  It's been a long time coming and it feels GREAT!


  1. I am kinda jealous that you celebrate twice! I may have to start enjoying the Canadian Thanksgiving too! Lol! And congrats on the weight loss! Thats fan-freakin-tastic!

    1. You absolutely should Mandy! We celebrate up here usually the second weekend in October. It's officially the Monday following the first FULL week of October. It's kind of nice because we usually have awesome colours and still relatively nice weather, but it doesn't have all the pomp and circumstance that you guys have. That's what I'm most envious of!
      Oh and thanks! I'm really proud that I've kept pushing through this time! I think it's almost time for some more side by sides!


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