Sunday, 4 November 2012

I've been a bad, bad blogger...

I have no excuses.  I have no reasons.  I honestly can't even tell you why I haven't posted in here for over a week.  Tired.  I've been tired.  The weather has been absolute CRAP for the last week and a bit and big things have been happening in the world.

Like Hurricane Sandy.  That was big.  Sandy coming here was fairly big too.  Or so the people on the news had us convinced.  The Husband was flying out west on Sunday night, but before he left, insisted on making sure there were canned goods and plenty of water in the house.

One thing you need to know about him, is he's a weather freak.  He gets excited by the thought that maybe, just maybe bad weather is going to come our way.  I on the other hand, often just shake my head at him and try to indulge him in his fantasies that wild and crazy weather will one day happen in our backyard.

Please don't interpret my comments as a lessoning of the severity of the horrible storms that have in our recent past devastated places like Staten Island and New Jersey and many places on the eastern shore.  Or any other of the countless and horrific storms that we've been witness to in our lifetime.  I don't mean to do that at all, it's more of a look into the psyche of the man that I'm married too.  He honestly loves weather - and probably more so because he's never been in the middle of a life altering storm.

Needless to say, the storm came (and before she came our way I ended up doing even more prep on my own because I was SO freaked out) with very little damage in our immediate area.  There was some minor flooding and some branches down, but nothing in comparison.

So there was that.  Oh and the fact that the weather has just been horribly blah.  Oh, and I've just been feeling blah.  And tired.  And not motivated.

Where did my motivation go?  I've really got to find it.  And soon.

Sooooooo?  When you're feeling unmotivated, what do you do to get going again?


  1. As a blogger myself, that happens more times than I can count. Seriously. Somedays I can write out 5 or 6 posts and other weeks you hear crickets. I hate it too. Maybe join a blog writing community where they do daily blog prompts to get your mind in the correct direction

    1. That's a good idea! I should look into that.

      I think I'm going to literally make my blog plans every week when I make my grocery list. Just a rough outline of what I want to post about every week and then any extra off the cuff posts are just gravy!

      Thanks for the awesome suggestion!T

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