Friday, 9 November 2012

Ummmm, I've misplaced something...

It's something really big.

Like, the last 4 days!  What the what?  Where the heck did they go?  I swear, I literally blinked and this week was over.  And you know what's scary?  It's not going to get any better over the next few weeks. It's only going to get more crazy.

Over the next few weeks we have a bunch of school stuff and sports stuff (how is it possible that in November we're still dealing with baseball?)  We have 2 birthdays this month, multiple doctors appointments as well as the Husband has at least two work trips before the end of the month.  And did I mention that that's only this month?

Once December 1 hits, I might as well just start writing January on stuff since the month will be over before I know it.

I'd like to say that I'm a pre-planner.  That I'm that person who has all of her shopping done and wrapped before the 15th of December and that the baking is all done by the same time and waiting to be pulled out of the freezer.  That person?  Yaaaaaaa, that's not me!

We're sort of a 'let's make December as crazy as we possibly can because it's so much fun to watch Emilie freak the f' out!' kinda house!  Every year I swear that we're going to be prepared.  That we're going to be ready for it all.  The husband however, always has a different plan.

My answer?  I'm starting whether he likes it or not.  I'm getting the boys to make their lists now.  I'm making my own list (last year I discovered that the Husband is very effective at present shopping when I troll the websites of my favourite stores and then send him the pics!)

This week was a reminder to me that the holidays are literally right around the corner.  That feeling of just keeping my head above water was not welcome so I'm absolutely going to actively take steps to keep that from happening in the weeks ahead!

Whose got tips for me?  Send me some organizational love.  I needs it!


expect another post from me tomorrow or Sunday about my FREAKING awesome run this week!!

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