Monday, 12 November 2012

Hip, hop...hippity hop!

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?  In the lane, candy glistens! 

Oops!  I mean,

Frosty the Snowman, was a jolly flabby soul…

What?  NO, NO, NO!  Not again, NOT THIS YEAR! 

Here’s an overview of the holidays in this blogging mama’s household.  Mid-November comes and I have steadfast resolve that I am NOT going to gain a pound over the holidays this year.  That I am not going to eat my way through every open house, family gathering and midnight snackfest that happens because I’m up late yet again trying to make sure that this really IS the most wonderful time of the year in my house!  Sound familiar? 

Well, not this year.  This year I’m arming myself with an arsenal of figure-friendly recipes that will ensure my LBD still fits on January 1st

This year, I WILL NOT resolve to get back on track with my fitness and health goals, because this year I WILL stay on track over the holidays! 

How is this going to happen you ask?  Simple!  A whole glorious group of mighty fine bloggeritas (yup, that’s my new term, I just made it up!) are joining forces to make sure that we ALL make it through the holidays still fitting into our pre-holiday skinny jeans!  You wanna join in the fun of this mega-holiday-blog-hop?   We sure hope you do because the more the merrier! 

There’s only a few simple rules:

1)   When you stop by the featured blog of the week, please make sure that you add them to your following list – I’d rather see my following numbers grow than the number on the scale, wouldn’t you?
2)   Give the bloggerita (see, that’s twice in one post – it’s a real word now!) a little bit of comment love.  I love nothing more than to get a tiny bit of love back (especially if you try the recipe and it’s AMAZE-BALLS!)
3)   Grab the button from the right hand side of this page and plaster that sucker all over your blog – helps to get the word out and get even more people to our blogs.  It takes a village after all, right?

Now that you KNOW you want to get in on this action, all you have to do is send an email to saying what recipe you want to post and when!  We’ll be posting and linking up to sites every Wednesday from now (November 14th ) until the 2nd of January! 

Let’s make this the skinniest, miniest holiday season EVER!


  1. Yes, I totally don't want to make a fitness related resolution for New Year's because I want to already be well on track! I'll totally link up a recipe in the coming weeks! xo

    1. Woooot! I'm so happy you want to join in the fun!! Can't wait to see what kind of deliciousness you bring to the table (hahaha!)

  2. What a brilliant idea! I'll be emailing soon, too!


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