Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Same %^*+, just a different week!

Blaaaaaaaah! That is what every pore, every fibre, every ounce of my body is screaming right now. Just blah!

I know that yesterday was Blue Monday and all, but come on! Enough already! I need to get my butt into gear and get this show back out on the road. I haven't really gained anything, but I haven't lost. More importantly though, the lack of exercise in my life is starting to show in obvious ways - like the thighs in my pants are getting tight again. My tummy is getting jiggly and my bum is starting to reach out to shake hands with next week. None of these things are good. None. Of. Them.

So, whose fault is it? Oh, you know. Mine!

Every day I wake up and am steadfast in my resolve to make today a better day than the last. I WILL drink my water. I WILL log everything that goes into my mouth. I WILL chose good, clean foods over heavily processed/easy choices. I usually make it until about 3:00 and then something happens. I don't know if that's when the boredom from not working out goblin invades my body or if its my butt sliding down the side of sugar mountain or what but I've got to get past this little funk because its gonna be bad news bears reeeeeeeaaaaaaalllllly soon!

So far today I've had about 50 oz of water. I'm going to at least double that between now and when I go to bed. For breakfast this morning, I had a yummy smoothie packed with greens, blueberries and other frozen fruit. I also put almond milk, Greek yogurt, chia seeds AND for the first time ever, I threw in some raw pumpkin seeds for fun! I am still full from it and I drank the last bit about 2 hours ago! I will have salad with leftover Mexican night offerings when I start feeling hungry in an hour or so. Then for dinner tonight, I think we'll do some stir fried veggies and chicken with rice noodles. It's quick, yummy AND hits all of the above points!

I think it's time I make a move and commit to that scary thing I was talking about before. I've got a couple of ideas that I'm mulling over and will put out there toute suite, er, I mean PDQ? Before I get there though, I think I need to post about the Big Boy turning 8 tomorrow.

So much to enlighten you with over the next week or so! Hold on to your yoga pants, things are gonna get...real!

Water chugging makes me and the bathroom BFF's. gotta fly!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

It's square to be hip...

Whaaaaaat? I don't even know what that means and I'm the one who just typed that. Like, with these two hands. Weeeeeeird...

So I tried running a couple of times last week and both times I ended up having to walk because my hip was hurting. I can't decide if it's a muscle issue, a joint issue... Even worse, I really don't know how to deal with it. Do I go see an RMT who specializes in sports injuries? Do I go to my Dr? Do I just keep trying to stretch it out and see what happens?

So many questions.

I think it's time for new shoes. They are a year old now and they've definitely seen some miles over the last year. I know for sure that they've done more than 300 miles, but probably more like 400. I know they say replace them at the 500 mark, but I think that once a year or 500 miles is a good plan. Which ever comes first.

The husband though? Yaaaaaaaaa, it's pretty safe to say that he'd disagree with that statement.
I mean, he wears theeeeeese on his feet all the time (keep those gag reflexes in check everyone, it's about to get real scary in here!)

So clearly he and I have veeeeeeerrrrrrry different points of view when it comes to the timely replacement of foot bling! I swear, if they still fit him, he'd probably still be wearing the very first pair of shoes he ever purchased by himself!

So, new shoes are on the agenda for this week. You know what else is? This meal plan, that's what!

What's happening in your house this week?

ps, does anyone know how to place pics in your posts from an iPad? I'd really love to figure this shizzzzzle out before toooooooo long!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun! Mr. Golden Sun...

Where the heck are ya?  I seriously need some good vitamin D inspiration to get my butt outside.  I still haven't broken in my new lulu's and we're almost at 3 weeks post Christmas now.  What the haaaaaaay?

These are the ones Santa brought me.  I should REALLY get my ass outside and run in them before they don't fit this ass anymore!

Honestly, it's been about 4 weeks since my last run and can I EVER see a difference in my butt and thighs.  I was actually pretty happy with the reflection I was seeing in the mirror before Christmas happened.  I KNOW RIGHT!!  What?  What was that?  Did she really just say she was HAPPY with what she saw?  Yup, she sure did (ok, I should probably stop the 3rd person thing now, right?)

So, what happened since then?  The cold and snow and lack of a treadmill.  That's what happened.  I've been sitting on my lazy butt, ignoring my squatting and planking rules (every time I pee, I squat and plank - also part of the reason why I liked what I saw!)

We've been in our Christmas break mode for the last 2 weeks.  Allass, that comes to an end on Monday morning at 9:00 am!  The boys are back in school, so that means I'm back in my routine!  I can run whenever I want and not worry about whose making sure the kids aren't lighting the house on fire!  I can go to hot yoga - which I'm hoping to do at least once if not twice a week with my regular yoga date, EP.

Today, after I get my butt outside and finally get that run done (the garmin is charging on my lap - well, it's sitting on my lap under my computer, not actually charging from my lap.  Although that would be crazy impressive, wouldn't it?  I wonder how I'd track those calories burned in MFP?) I am going to plan out my meal plan and grocery list for the next week.  I'm done with flying by the seats of our pants!  We need order and routine around here and it's starting today!

I found this today on pinterest.  It spoke to me.  Like really did.  I think I'm gonna make some decisions over the next couple of months and then a plan to work towards something just for me.  2013 really is going to be a phenomenal year!

I want to do something scary this year.  Who wants to join??