Monday, 16 July 2012

Things just got real interesting, real fast!

First things first, it's weigh-in Monday aaaaaaaand I forgot to take a picture again!  I will next week - I 100% promise!  However, I can tell you that the scale clearly took pity on me and didn't want me to have the spins again so it said 189.3 this morning!  Yippee!
I am not going to lie.  There was fear in my veins this morning as I stepped on that cold, glass platform. Last night, the scale was not so nice to me, especially after downing a bit of red wine and some perfectly cooked prime rib cooked on the bbq care of my loving husband!  It was yummy.  The scale was scary.

Why, you ask, would I bother weighing myself after devouring such a ridiculous meal?  Which I have to admit I was actually pretty good about.  Even though there was bread and fresh, new potatoes on the table, I only had salad and roast.  Nothing else.  Well, and the little bit of wine that I swore I wasn't going to drink until my brother and sister-in-law arrived with one of my favourite reds, Masi.  I mean it would have been rude to not open it and drink some, right?  I can't remember if it's South African or Australian.  Either way, if you've never tried it, you should.  They're delicious and they pair perfectly with ANY meal in my very humble wine opinion!

Getting back to why I was silly enough to step on the scale last night though.  After all the aftermath (or maybe evidence?) had been cleaned up and put away, my Sister-in-law and I were sitting at the table drinking peppermint tea - which I love, especially after a really big meal.  We were talking about shopping trips and when we should plan for a big one when the conversation transitioned to how both of us have a plan to lose some weight and feel better in our clothes again.  My sister-in-law is amazing. I love spending time with her and she is by no means fat - I am clearly stating this here, as she'll probably read this - you are not fat!  I was starting to fill her in on my $2 in the jar workout incentive plan when my brother joined the conversation.  He too chimed in on how he has plans to be about 25 lbs lighter by his birthday in September and then it happened.

My SIL, said 'We need to have a competition!  We're all competitive people, we need to make this a competition for it to really work!'

We tossed around ideas including having to commit to 3 workouts a week, but if you didn't do your 3, you had to pay $2 to everyone for their jars, and if everyone completed their 3, that we each gave ourselves and extra $2.  That, though, wasn't enough incentive for the boys.  Then, of course, with two couples at the table, there was discussion about how the incentive should be couple based - which lasted for all of about, ummmm, 2 seconds!  The day that becomes an incentive is the day you can start calling me Ana Steele!

So, we finally came up with this - Richards (dicks) vs Chicks.  This was 100% courtesy of my brother.  I take NO credit, just reporting the facts.  The idea of Richards vs Chicks is we have 12 weeks to lose as much weight as we can (we all weighed ourselves last night, which will count as our starting weight.)  On the final weigh-in Monday (Canadian Thanksgiving) the team who lost the highest % (think Biggest Loser styles) wins!  In the end, because all 4 of us like travel, we decided the winning team gets to pick a destination (within reason) AND the agenda for the trip.  Sadly, if the guys win, there apparently will be NO shopping for A and I.  However, if we win, watch out boys, cause there will be a whole lotta shopping going on!  This should be exciting!

On a separate note, I got out there and did the 6 miles outside on Friday night with my bestie.  She's a great motivator, because I'm telling you, if she hadn't of been here, I would have been hitting my treadmill again!  It was so humid and sticky out.  We did it though - and not toooooo terribly.  We stuck to 10 and 1's until around the 4 mile mark and then started walking longer.  When we did our last 10 K in May, we finished in 1 hr 18 min I think.  We finished this one in 1 hr 24 min.  Not fantastic, but not horrible either.  The good news is that there is still 5 weeks until the 15 k run.  Gotta get my stamina up so that we can maybe, just maybe finish under 1 hr 45 min.  That's the goal anyhow!

Off to do some meal planning - hope you have an awesomesauce day!

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