Friday, 6 July 2012

Number one thing NOT to do is...

watch the food network!  It's like dangling a cupcake carrot in front of me a horse but never actually letting me the horse get it!  And why, might you ask, don't I just change the channel so I'm not watching delicious food dance across the screen in front of me?  Because clearly, I'm a masochist of sorts who likes to spend my free time torturing myself!
Ok, so time to distract myself from the food orgy that is currently happening on my tv right now.  I did NOT get on my treadmill last night - family on the phone kept me from getting my run in.  However, I did get down to my fitness dungeon today and did do my 3.5 miles as per the schedule.  Tomorrow I have to get in 3 miles and then 5.5 on Sunday.  Hopefully my legs don't give me the middle toe and tell me where to shove it!
I've been toying with a few incentive plans for my runs.  I'm a person who likes pretty things.  I like new things and since I don't feel comfortable buying new clothes when I'd have to buy them in a size that I'd never like to see ever again hanging in my closet, I've had to come up with a new plan of attack.  In the past I've rewarded myself with lots of different things.  I tried bribing myself with the lure of new shoes.  That failed.  I tried food rewards (I know SO counterproductive!) Obviously none of these plans worked so, of course I started creeping Pinterest to see what I could find there!
Some people were paying themselves money, some people were using complicated colour coded charts and some people were just talking about what everybody else was doing!  Sooooo, the question is, which incentive route do I pick?  I'm leaning towards the financial incentive plan where I pay myself a toonie every time I run and watch the jar fills up.  The ultimate goal is to go into LuluLemon and buy this:

And this:

And finally, this:

That's almost $300 worth of Lulu, so I'd better get my ass moving since I've only earned $6.00 so far!  Hopefully by the time I hit the $300 mark, said ass will look as amazing in those pants as the size -4 model up there!  

Sunday is meal planning day.  I foresee a lot of salad in our future for the upcoming week.  It's too hot to cook a whole lot so if it can't go on the bbq, it's probably not going to get cooked in my house right now!  Let's see what kind of excitement I can come up with for my picky eaters next week.  I'll keep you posted!  AND I'll leave you with this (and by you, I mean me!)...

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