Friday, 20 July 2012

Funday Friday!

Wow, it's Friday...ALREADY!  This week has flown - like literally grown wings and flapped it's way out of my windows every night!  It was another week of baseball-pallooza with lots of other exciting things mixed in there just for fun!
On Wednesday night, Charlie and I took the little boys to camp for Family Night while the big boys went to baseball with Charlie's husband.  Walking around the camp, I was reminded how much I love that place and why we send out kids there despite the somewhat hefty price tag that comes with it! I should probably mention at this point that I may, or may not, in fact, be living vicariously through my children to an extent in this one particular area of their little lives, as I was never allowed to attend a summer day camp as a kid.  We went to a YMCA run park with cottages for the same time period every summer, with daily family programming - that was as close as I ever got to the day camp experience.  You'd better believe, however, that most of my fondest, childhood memories happened in that place (which is why I still drag my husband and kids up to that same park every summer for a week!)
So wandering around the camp on Family Night, and watching my little man run from section to section happier than a pig in poop (well, ok, once he had woken up from his power nap he was happier - before that he was exactly how I'd expect someone to be if they were stuck in poop!) made me nostalgic and a a lot tiny bit jealous for all of the awesome things that happen in this place on a daily basis!  The level of organization at this place blows my mind - they produce videos of camp events on a regular basis, they post regular updates to their FB page (so that when crazy parents like me are worried about their kids withering up in the sun and heat like raisins, they can put our minds at ease from a distance!)  They post pictures of all the amazing things that happen there on a daily basis and just generally know how to show an adult a kid a good time!
This post however was not supposed to be about my love affair with summer camp, it was supposed to be about what a great week it's been!  Again this week I've followed my running schedule (even when it sucked and it was hot and I was a hot mess!) and I've eaten within my daily allowances.  I've got my fingers crossed that Monday morning is going to be another success story.  We shall see how the weekend goes.  I've got big drinking plans this weekend.  Copious, I mean C.O.P.I.O.U.S. amounts of water!  I might even throw some lemon in there to liven things up, just cause I'm that kinda girl!

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