Monday, 8 October 2012

Winner winner! Chicken dinner!

I feel like today is a bittersweet kind of a day.  The chicks completely ruled the dicks in this competition.  I mean completely - like I believe (and I don't actually have the exact figures yet to back this up but I will) I almost lost as much on my own (percentage wise) as the brother and husband did combined!
However, the bittersweet part?  I weighed in this morning at freaking 1671!!  What the hell?  This weekend I ran 15 miles collectively.  I did 30DS twice AND I stayed within my calorie goals all weekend even though it was holiday extraordinaire here in the great white north!  Last week, I saw that 165.  It was there.  And then it went away.  I gotta get that sucker back - and then bust through that bad boy like nobodies business!
On a positive note?  I'm pretty sure that I can be back down there before the end of the week.  I think I have two major issues that were a tiny bit out of my control this weekend.  The first?  Traveling around to different family dinners meant not being able to drink my regular water amounts.  When I don't drink my water I almost always gain a pound or two.  The second factor?  Well, that one is pretty much out of my control and goes a little something like, 'oh hello TOM!  Thanks for making me bloat and feel crappy!'  That should also correct itself by the end of the week.  Maybe, just maybe I'll have a huge 5 lb week finally!  How amazing would that be?  Soooooo amazing!
So now, where to go?  What to do on this awesome trip where the girls get to decide where we're going and what we're doing!  Boston is on the table for sure.  I've never been and would love to explore the shopping city in all it's splendor!  However, New Orleans and Mardi Gras are also on my list of places I really want to explore.  I love places that are full of history with beautiful old buildings and of course offer some great shopping options!  The catch is that they have to be relatively close to my house (no more than a 6/7 hour drive from Toronto) AND fun regardless the season/time of year.  I think I'm going to have to do some more research!

So, goal for this week?  Get my meal plan done asap so that I don't spend the week figuring out at 4:30 what's for dinner that night!  I think I'm going to troll my all-time-fav-low-cal-yummy-recipe-blog and see what I can come up with for the week.  I'm feeling like the veggies have definitely been lacking in our diet as of late so I need to do something about that for sure!

Gotta go get my sweat on!

ciao bellas!

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