Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Holla! I'm baaaaack!

I know, I know.  I'm a HUGE (do you like that literal reference?) slacker this week!  It's already Tuesday - I've been back from the most beautiful place evuh, for almost 48 hrs no and not a single post.  Currently shaking my head, at me, in response to my major slacking-ness.

Ok, that's done!

Can I tell you now, what an absolutely, out of this world, freaking amazing time the Husband and I had?  I mean look at this!

Why, I ask you, would ANYONE (SO much shouting today!) want to leave this paradise?  More importantly, why would anyone be afraid to go here?  Um, this is me, raising my hand quietly and saying;
'ahem, that was you before you got there, remember?'

So, here in Canada, we may or may not have sort of a strewn perception of Mexico.  Over the last few years, there have been many incidences of Canadians vacationing in Mexico, but not returning - if you get my drift.  I think however, that there has got to be a lot of back story behind those deaths that we're not really getting all of the details of AND I think they are probably also cases of people going to places where they probably shouldn't.  I can honestly tell you, 100%, without a doubt that we WILL be going back and we will be taking our kids.  I wouldn't do that if I felt even the tiniest bit uneasy about the place.

I was, however, completely freaked out before we got there.  I mean, so freaked out that we finally got our asses into the Lawyer's office 2 days before we left to sign off on our wills and POA.  That's pretty freaked out, right?  Good that it's finally done, but bad that the thought of going on vacation to a spot that clearly isn't so bad made me do it!  I even had a convo with the BFF about passwords and people who were to be publicly bitch-slapped and then kicked the hell out of my funeral if they dared show their two-sided faces there!  I. was. freaked. out.  I'm a baby - clearly!

We seriously had the best time though.  We had moonlight massages on the beach.  We had a candlelight dinner on the beach - see?

We even had a cheesy little photo shoot done to commemorate the trip AND our 10 years of marriage - wowza!  Such a long time!

I totally placed this flower hoping the photog dude would take this exact shot!
I'm sneaky like that!

This picture makes me laugh - um, check out the water sprays...nuff said!

This is my absolute favourite shot.  So us and so not posed!

We hung out by the pool.

This was the infinity pool in front of our room.  The 'lazy' river connected us to our bar.  When we didn't feel like being social, we just hung out in our own pool and went back and forth to the bar through the river - amazing, right?  That hut behind the tree was our bar!

We slept on these amazing beds on the beach:

Honestly?  It was probably the best 4 days EVER!  I want to go back.  Really, right now!  I'm gonna go pack a bag quick.  You wanna come too?

The food, well, let's just say it was awesome.  We tried to be good - for the first day!  And then, we tried to balance things out - for the first hour of the second day!  Then we just decided that it was our 10th anniversary and we were only there for 4 days so we needed to relax and have fun.  So we did!  We ate.  We drank.  We slept.  We did...well, other stuff ;)  It was amazing!

Reality check came yesterday morning though when I stepped on the scale at home!  So, I was 165.5 last week on Wednesday when I weighed in.  Yesterday, it said...168.2 I think.  Almost 3 lbs!!!  Now, a lot of that was just a whole ton o' sodium that needed to leave my body, but I know that without running for over a week there are definitely some lbs started to creep back onto my thighs!  So, I busted out 3 miles last night and I'm going back to last week's schedule starting tonight.  I'm having a do-over if you will!  I'm still getting my JM workouts in, but I'm not busting my balls to do it.  I want to be able to maintain what I'm doing for the long haul.  I know that it would be great to be able to devote 2 hours every day to working out - and maybe some day I'll be able to do that.  Until then, running gets top bill and JM gets put in where I can!

This week is probably not going to be a victory on the scale, but hopefully it won't be a decimation either!  I'm pretty sure I've got things back under control, so we'll see what comes up tomorrow when I step on that biotch!  She might be on her own one way ticket - out my front door!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got an appointment with my running shoes!


Oh, just for fun, here's one of the Husband's favourite shots from our photo shoot!  Please ignore the salt water breakout on my face!


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    1. Wow! Thank you so much! Not only am I completely flattered, but I now have a post for tomorrow!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Really makes me miss Mexico!!!!

    1. I honestly would go back in the blink of an eye! I can't believe I've lived this much of my life and never been there before now! I think I have to make up for lost time now!


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