Saturday, 27 October 2012

I best be shoving a few tricks up my sleeves!

Oh Halloween.  You really DO scare me.  Not because I get scared easily - ok, well maybe I do.  Not because I don't like to dress up.  Ok, well maybe I don't.  Those aren't the reasons why Halloween scares me though.  It's ALL. THAT. CANDY.  

Ugh, just thinking about Reese peanut butter cups makes my inner fat girl scream and do jumping jacks!  I mean, the inner fat girl is totally pinning the inner goddess in a full-body throw-down just so that we can fantasize about PB cups for a minute.  Do you think I should talk to someone about this?

Let's stop and think about this for a second.  I mean, PB cups play a HUGE (ha! did it again!) part in the story of the Husband and I.  The night we met, we both professed our love for all things chocolate and PB.  When my GF and I were leaving the bar (yes, we were that couple) Enrique Suave handed me a piece of bar till paper with his number on it and said if I ever wanted to go to NYC for Ben and Jerry's PB ice cream (which at the time wasn't available in Canada) to give him a call.  Needless to say, I called!  

At our wedding, we gave little packages with PB cups in them as the favour and we both actually mentioned PBC in our vows that we wrote - completely separate from one another.  

Our second son's name is Rhys.  

I really think we might have a problem here.  Perhaps professional help is in order!

I mean seriously, when you look at this, don't you want to eat the whole thing?  Like in one complete swallow?  OK, maybe not, because then it would just be all gone.  Maybe what you really should do is just take teeny-tiny-itty-bitty-bites all day long and just savour the thing.  Go on, loooooooook at it!

Btw, searching for this photo led me to a really funny blog post on a blog I've never heard of before, but since we're on this ridiculous topic, I thought I'd share this with you.

Anyhow, so getting back to my original point.  I'm a bit afraid of what's going to happen with my self-control and will power this week.  I've been wavering a bit lately and am worried that if I don't avoid them all together that I'm gonna be screwed.  Let me tell you, if that inner fat girl gets set free, I'm not sure any amount of running will be able to bring her back in!  

Do you think I could just be that house that gives out apples and dental floss?  

Ya, that's what I thought too.  

So, that means there's lots of running happening for this chic this week.  Lots of running, lots of measuring of food and  SO. MUCH. WATER. DRINKING.  Hopefully any damage caused by those delectable pumpkins above will be cancelled out?

What's your Halloween weakness and what are you going to do to avoid the gain?


  1. Luckily for me I kind of OD'd on PB cups when we first moved here. I went a little crazy on all the "new" candy that they didn't have in Australia so I am kind of sick of most of them now!!

    Now fast food is a different story!

    1. Oh Nikki, I wish that I could say I'd OD'd on them! I have purposely been avoiding the sections in the stores with them so that I don't feel tempted! Luckily in Canada, not every store carries the pumpkins and other holiday shapes. However, in a pinch a good ole classic pbc will fit the bill. Any. Day.

      What's your favourite fast food?

    2. Oh gosh! All of them! Lol

      There is a place around here called Bojangles and their fries are SO GOOD!!!!!

  2. When I say your sons name is Rhys I nearly fell off my chair, that is dedication.
    I tried to make PBC vodka for a martini I saw on Pinterest but I couldnt let it sit long enough. I kept fishing out the cups and eating them!

  3. Oh, I am such a major lover of Reeses!! And I wanted to share this post with you. After being awarded a Leibster Award, I wanted to pass it on to you! Take a look: Liebster Award

  4. I LOVE pb cups! I have avoided the candy section at the grocery store this month and now you have sooo rudely just shoved them in my face!! LOL! Now I must have one! What's a fat girl to do??


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