Monday, 10 September 2012


That's right, Thank Gaaaaaaaawd It's Monday!  What a c.r.a.z.y. weekend we had!  Baseball clinics, birthday shopping, birthday party number 1, baseball trophy day, baseball team lunch and then, because we hadn't done enough yet, we had birthday party number 2!  I know, I'm certifiably crazy.  I'm absolutely, 100% convinced of it!

That being said, I'm pretty sure it was all worth it considering how absolutely over-the-moon happy my little dude was this weekend!  He had his friend party at Chuck E Cheese (the depths of hell for parents as we know it) and I'm pretty sure that even if he hadn't gotten a single present would have been thrilled with just that party.  I mean, with a cake like this one, how could he not be ecstatic about his birthday?
It was such a cool cake!  I've found the best cake artist and I love her!  She's never disappointed me yet and has made quite a few cakes for me over the last two years!  Stephanie Tennant at Cakes By Stephanie honestly is a cake genius, check her out the next time you need a cake!

So, with the coolest cake ever, we had to let him have it at the coolest place on earth (see above for my thoughts on the place), Chuck E Cheese.  But seriously, look how cute he was in the windy ticket booth!
I love how the goggles barely fit his face!  AND, I totally sent him in there with a couple of extra buttons undone, hoping that a few tickets would actually get trapped in there since I knew he was going to be too busy holding the goggles in place to actually grab anything.  Yeah, that didn't really work. Luckily, the girl doing it took pity on him and dropped some of the big tickets on the ground for him!  He was thrilled!

So, with my nightmare and his dream-come-true over with, we whirled through the rest of the events of the weekend with family, friends and eating fairly well!  I didn't, for the record, eat anything at CEC EXCEPT for the veggies from the veggie tray.  Oh wait!  I guess I did since I HAD to have a piece of cake!  It's bad luck to not have cake on someone's birthday!

I weighed myself on Saturday morning and was 173.8 (I think that's what it was!)  I did another little happy dance since I was pretty that that same number wouldn't be there come Monday morning!  Aaaaaaand I was right!  I ate really well this weekend, but didn't get my run in yesterday because of everything going on and because my treadmill is still sick so this morning the scale said 175.4 (I think?)  Still down from last Monday by a few points so I'll take it, but definitely not where I wanted to be.

I need my treadmill back!  I hate doing my long runs outside by myself!  However, if it's not fixed after dinner tonight, I guess I'm gonna have to suck it up and just go because I'm not going to miss a run!

Here's a few more cute birthday pics, just for fun!

The birthday King on his throne with all of his bounty!
Definitely one of the favourite gifts from the weekend!  Green is his favourite colour after all!

Later this week, countdown to my doctor induced weigh-in on Friday!  Gotta keep up the momentum!!

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