Sunday, 13 January 2013

It's square to be hip...

Whaaaaaat? I don't even know what that means and I'm the one who just typed that. Like, with these two hands. Weeeeeeird...

So I tried running a couple of times last week and both times I ended up having to walk because my hip was hurting. I can't decide if it's a muscle issue, a joint issue... Even worse, I really don't know how to deal with it. Do I go see an RMT who specializes in sports injuries? Do I go to my Dr? Do I just keep trying to stretch it out and see what happens?

So many questions.

I think it's time for new shoes. They are a year old now and they've definitely seen some miles over the last year. I know for sure that they've done more than 300 miles, but probably more like 400. I know they say replace them at the 500 mark, but I think that once a year or 500 miles is a good plan. Which ever comes first.

The husband though? Yaaaaaaaaa, it's pretty safe to say that he'd disagree with that statement.
I mean, he wears theeeeeese on his feet all the time (keep those gag reflexes in check everyone, it's about to get real scary in here!)

So clearly he and I have veeeeeeerrrrrrry different points of view when it comes to the timely replacement of foot bling! I swear, if they still fit him, he'd probably still be wearing the very first pair of shoes he ever purchased by himself!

So, new shoes are on the agenda for this week. You know what else is? This meal plan, that's what!

What's happening in your house this week?

ps, does anyone know how to place pics in your posts from an iPad? I'd really love to figure this shizzzzzle out before toooooooo long!

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