Friday, 17 August 2012

Freak out Friday!

Oh shiiiiiiizzzzzzza!  Tomorrow is 15 k day and I'm feeling a whole hell of a lot tiny bit nervous about the whole thing.  I did however, tag along on a quick mall trip this morning with Charlie so that I could get my well deserved and earned Run Swiftly shirt!  I got the hot pink one, so there will be no mistaking me for anyone else there (well, except for the other 50 mamas who went out and bought the same one and will be wearing it tomorrow!)

Game plan is this, take it easy tomorrow, drink as much water as I can between now and 3:00 tomorrow afternoon.  I'm hoping to get lots of protein rich snacks in as well like my delicious, honey, greek yogurt and perhaps some egg whites.  I haven't run since Wednesday, so my legs should be well rested since I'm definitely not walking tonight.

The hope (note, fingers are crossed and I'm squeezing my eyes shut really tight while typing *hope* - talented, I know!) is to finish in under 2 hours.  It's 9 miles - well, a tiny bit over if you want to get really technical. Like 9.32 miles to be precise.  If we average 11 minutes/ mile, that should bring us in at the hour and a quarter mark-ish!  If we can be done in under 2 hrs, I'll be super happy!

So, cross your toes, your fingers, your eyes - whatever you've got for me and I'll post results on Monday.  Maybe, just maybe there will be photos to go along with!


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