Tuesday, 5 March 2013

If I were a betting gal...

but I'm not.  Right?

I mean, I'm that girl who cringes every time another dollar, quarter, nickel, penny goes in the slot I want to throw up a little bit!  I mean, those pennies might not be worth much on there own - well, clearly in Canada they're about to worth much, much  more, but hey!  They still add up, right?

Let me peddle backwards a little bit here so that you actually understand where I'm going with this one.

I've clearly been lazy as of late.  My last post went up on February 11th.  That's almost an entire month ago.  Remember how I promised (and I quote):
Until then, my promise to you is my head is back in the game.  That means I'M BACK IN THE GAME!  That means you'll be hearing a lot more from me.  Hope you're ready for it!!
 So, clearly, well, I lied.  Ok, ok, that might be a bit strong.  I haven't been sitting on my butt doing absolutely nothing.  I have been running and I still L.O.V.E. my treadmill.  However, I have been getting sloppy with MFP and tracking everything honestly.  I haven't been measuring and weighing foods the way that I should and clearly the scale has been noticing my indiscretions!  This morning, that  bitch had the gal to tell me that I've gained about 2 lbs.  She told me that I'm weighing in at 156.6.


This is not good.  We're definitely going in the wrong direction if I'm ever going to lose these last 10lbs.

So, what did I do?  I made a bet.  That's right, this girl who would rather buy a pair of shoes than pull on some lever - just ask the Husband ;) , put some money down that I can, in the next 4 weeks, lose 4% of my current weight.  That amounts to about 6 1/2 lbs over the next 28 days.

Several of my awesomesauce online ninjas pals have joined in past DietBet competitions before and have liked the extra motivation of winning a few doll-hairs at the end of the 4 weeks.  I'm finding that I need that right now - extra motivation to keep me on top of things.

I really want to feel good going out and buying a new bathing suit for the summer this year and I'm hoping this little battle with myself will help get me there.  I mean, the buy in was only $15.  I spend more than that at Starbucks in a 4 week period!  So, guess what?  No Starbucks for me.  Not for 4 whole weeks!  Yikes!!  Ok, maybe that's extreme.  Right?  Like, let's not push me off the rails and straight into the depths of crazy town!  Ok, new plan!  No SB for 2 weeks.  That, I can do.  If for some reason I do end up going there, all that I'm allowed to have is a brewed coffee with whole milk and raw sugar.  No handcrafted music of my soul goodness for 2. long. weeks.

So, I do have some good news to report!  I finally went out and bought a few new items of clothing!  It was well past due!  I'm doing some contract work for a couple of organizations and felt really embarrassed going in wearing the same thing each week!  Wanna see a few of my finds??  Ha!  Too bad!  Here you go!

Why, oh why is there always one picture that doesn't format properly?

So, now I don't look like a bum off of the streets, but I still feel like there's much room for improvement!  Time to kick this game into hiiiiiiiigh gear!  Those there hips need to get smaller and those there arms need to get more toned because summer, she's a comin'!

Hopefully these two work horses can help get the job done!

Who else wants to help keep me on track besides these two, adorable, furry bundles?

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  1. glad you are back in the game. I am rooting for you.


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