Monday, 31 December 2012

It's a new year, it's a new life...and I'm feeling good!

Can you even believe it for two seconds that 2012 is a mere handful of hours away from being done? I mean seriously, wasn't it just a few weeks ago that we were nervously heading into 2012? The end of the world year? Wow!

I've been MIA this month bi know it and simply put, I suck.

It's been crazytown around my house this month, but that doesn't mean that I couldn't find 10 minutes here or there to maybe post quickly wishing you, my awesome-sauce readers a Merry Christmas. I just didn't have words to write here.

I delayed doing my Christmas baking this year as long as I could. For two reasons really. The first is that I hate stale baking. If its not fresh, I'm not interested! Secondly, I knew that as soon as I made it, I'd start the slippery slope down towards I-don't-cares-ville-population-me! And I'd start shoving stuff in my mouth like nobodies business!

Sadly, I did really well. Ok wait. Lets be honest here because this is my blog so if I candy coat it (oh yummy, fibs covered in candy? Delish!) then I'm only really lying to myself, right? I was eating like crap, but because I wasn't eating very much I was totally staying within my calorie goals. As a matter of fact, on Christmas Eve morning, I stepped on the scale and I was 150.1. Just a mere .2 away from a new decade. And then I missed logging into MFP on Christmas Day and it spiralled from there.

I ate cookies, chocolate, cake, stollen (German Christmas bread with fruit and marzipan...mmmm!) So many things that I haven't touched in so long and I just stopped thinking about it.

I can't tell you the last time non-butter or cream laden veggies have entered my mouth. Oh wait, yes I can! December 23rd!!

So, I'm not going to promise that those spirals aren't going to happen ever again, but I can tell you this! I didn't enjoy seeing 155 staring back at me this morning. If I was in that Last Loser Standing contest, I'd be d.e.a.d. To them right now. Out. Game over. Plug pulled! I'm going to get back into my own game though because this girl doesn't want to slide any further down the hill than she already has!

So, for 2013 I'm going to pledge to do my best every day. To make the best choices I can to keep me moving towards my ultimate goal of being healthy. I'm going to find at least 30 minutes every day doing something with each of my little boys one on one and then one big thing of their choosing each week. I blink and they've grown a little more. I don't want to waste the few years I have left of them being sweet and innocent and all mine! I'm also going to strive to work with the Husband to get us into an even better place financially. We are not poor or destitute by any stretch of the imagination, but I know that we could both be more financially responsible.

So, those are my goals. I don't call them resolutions because I think it's easier to give up on resolutions. Goals, I think, are things that you keep working towards. When you hit a brick wall, you take a few steps back, brush yourself off and then set out on a new path towards that goal!

So, as I sit in the midst of the Christmas chaos that has still devoured my house, I'd like to wish you the happiest and healthiest of New Years! I hope that 2913 is a wonderful year for you and I honestly can't wait to see what comes our way!

Bring it 2013, this chick is ready!!

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